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When I'm not teaching or editing web-based publications for BenU Springfield, I am a volunteer interpreter in the historic village at Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site, play the Appalachian dulcimer and do research on 19th-century American folk hymnody and Illinois music history. Click here to see my resume.

Syllabuses and weblogs


Spring Semester 2010

  • COMM 150 (intro to mass communications), 1-1:50 p.m. MWF. Dawson 220.
  • COMM 209 (basic newswriting) Noon-12:50 p.m. MWF. Dawson 220
  • COMM 291 (ind. study, magazines), TBA.
  • COMM 297-20 (BenU internship), TBA
  • COMM 393-20 (senior portfolio). TBA.
  • HUM 221 (American Indian cultures), 10-10:50 a.m. MWF

Fall '09

  • HUM 223-01 (roots music), 2:30-3:45 p.m. T-Th. Dawson 220  

Blogs we visit in class ...


  • The Mackerel Wrapper is my mass communications blog.  To it I post articles for class  discussion, assignments and study questions.  
  • Hogfiddle is the blog for my humanities students. It also has posts on my outside interests in the Appalachian dulcimer, folk hymns, cultural studies and the arts.
  • A message board is linked to my faculty page. We occasionally post comments to the board. I also post links and copies of take-home exams.
My on-campus publications
  • Click here to go to The Sleepy Weasel, BenU Springfield's campus magazine. I am its production manager, and we're always looking for work from students, faculty, alumni and friends of the campus community.
  • Click here to go to Nuts & Bolts, a faculty newsletter on student learning assessment (standardized testing and other academic quality control measures) that I also edit.

CITATION MACHINE: for English 111-12 (and other) students -- Click here for help on your Works Cited or references lists. Just: (1) follow the prompts for MLA or APA style; (2) fill in the blank fields; (3) copy and paste the completed entry into a Microsoft Word document; and (4) edit for extraneous commas, periods, angle brackets, etc. Landmarks for Schools of Raleigh, N.C., has a permission form for teachers -- and others -- to use to request permission to use copyrighted information before they make multiple copies from the Internet.

Writing and editing links




Link here to "Overview of the Academic Essay" by Kathy Duffin of Harvard Univerity's Writing Center.



Why do we write the way we write in college? Link here to find out. A UNC- Chapel Hill tip sheet "Effective Argument" tells why -- and how.


Mass communications


American Indians and Alaska Natives

College 101' and other stuff

Assessment and testing

  "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. It's a really stupid thing to want to do." -- Elvis Costello 

Music, poetry and folklore

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